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ADIDAS Forum Low Unisex

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Michael Jordan sported the sneaker during the 1984 Olympic Trials.

“In 1983 in France. The designer Jacques Chassaing would be an essential player in both the outsider team of the 80s and the current one. The ideologist thought of creating a basketball sport that would favor the whole team, keeping in mind the diversity of athletes, their different roles, and physical characteristics. Through conversations with coaches and players, he located the weak point in the ankle. He visualized the bands used by the psychotherapists to stabilize it and decided to integrate a stabilizing element into the shoe: the ‘criss-cross ankle system’, which embraces and protects the whole area. After a process of material exploration and inclusion of elements such as a special shock-absorbing sole, the sneaker made its debut in 1984. That same year, Jordan would wear them during the Olympic basketball trials in the USA.” (Hunting for Kicks) In 2021 the Forum was fittingly reintroduced by Adidas according to one advertisement as ‘a Sneaker for a new generation of creators who want to enhance their self expression while playing at modern life’. Read the full Forum story on the amazing Hunting for Kicks site: https://huntingforkicks.com/features/the-story-of-the-adidas-forum/

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