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SneakerLove is a Tribute Gallery to Diversity in Girls, Body Celebration, Female Empowerment and Favorite Sneakers. We celebrate Real Bodies, as opposed to faking curves in order to live up to a fake social media beauty ideal. Apart from a basic retouch of non permanent items (every one has a bad skin day) we only showcase reality – so real girls.

MODEL FOR US please get in touch. We want to showcase girls from all over the world with a really interesting personal style and a love for Sneakers and ultimately inspire all girls to embrace their bodies and uniqueness. If you would like to don’t hesitate .

PHOTOGRAPHER/FILMER/ARTIST would you like to have your series/film featured on SneakerLove we would love to hear from you.

SNEAKERLOVE SCOUTING/CASTING: We also spot girls ourselves, and invite them to shoot with us in one of their own strong body celebratory Urban Sexy Fashion Outfits often based on showcasing their unique personal style ie: Piercings, Choices of Jewellery, Tattoos (if any) and their favorite Sneakers. Please note that SneakerLove features original content only and cannot accept submissions that have been previously published elsewhere.

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You can also email us: submit@sneakerlove dot net

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