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IMG 8749SneakerloveFleur1Nike Zoom2K 1


Nike introduced the Zoom 2K in 2018. Debuting in three colorways of black/white, cream/white and lilac, the throwback-style runner features unique paneling, branding touches and cutouts accents that channel ’90s to […]

IMG 8554Sneakerlove EsterSV2 NLY Perfect Chunky Sneaker 1

NLY Perfect Chunky Sneaker

Sneakers from NLY Perfect Chunky Sneaker Faux Leather Textured platform sole Platform height 5 cm Described as ‘big sneakers Scandinavian style Balenciaga-like sneakers’ the funniest quote we’ve come across […]

IMG 8770Sneakerlove QueenTseries1Nike R 1

NIKE RYZ 365 White

The Nike RYZ 365 delivers a futuristic take on the classic chunky sneaker trend. Large cutouts in the soft foam midsole feature eye-catching geometric shapes and add a playful twist […]